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Friday, January 1, 2010

Sylvester Stallone

Happy New Year! My 4th straight in Israel. I'm becoming a pro at calling it Sylvester, even though as Rachel and I realized, no one made any Sylvester Stallone jokes last night at the lovely party we attended, hosted by the equally lovely Hannah, Rachel's friend from childhood and beyond.

The last few days have been mish-moshy, we took a little trip to TAU to check out Beit Hatfutsot (big!) and verify that my dad's book sits upon a shelf in the library (three copies!) and generally appreciate the lay of the land (pretty!).

Tonight I ate this magical dessert I had never experienced before, Malabi. Sure that it was poison, I made everyone else try it first. It looked like this:

Poison, right? For some reason, I couldn't get the scene in Indiana Jones where the monkey eats the poisoned dates out of my head. I imagined Jonathan Rhys-Davies turning to the waitress and saying, "Bad Malabi."

I suppose since the point of this blog is hummus, I'll wax poetic on the various foods I've been enjoying in vast quantity - sahleb, sabich (Amanda! Next time I'll take a picture for you), etc., but strangely not hummus. The place I really liked on Ibn Gvirol closed, single tear. I'm waiting for this great place in Nahariya, and for a little Abu Ghosh sampling in Jerusalem.

Anything else food related? Rachel and I had delicious burekas last night, and so that the Russian mafia sitting next to us wouldn't stab us, I ate Rachel's pickles. All 5,000 of them. The end.

Tomorrow - Northward!

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