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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem put aside their differences for the sake of hummus

Shalom faithful readers,

Ain badma (ain't no thang), we're back. We're coming to you live from Jerusalem, or as Dafna likes to say, the J-ru (Dafna, stop trying to make J-ru happen. It's NOT going to happen). We spent a couple lovely days in Tel Aviv at Dafna's apartment. We went to the beach, enjoyed some hungarian blintzes at Hungarian Blintzes and washed it all down with milky sakhlav and "a unique apple cider recipe" drink at Cafe Landwer. The night before, we went out with Dafna's cousin Michal and her friend to a bar in Tel Aviv called Tzipa. No joke, we were sitting near two of Israel's top beauty queens. We think one of them was Esti Ginzburg. She was born in 1990.

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Hungarian Blintzes

Before Tel Aviv, Dafna experienced J-ru for the first time. That's a lie, but it was her first time actually enjoying the capital. We checked out the sensational view from the tayelet (promenade) of the whole city, got rejected from a fake museum (Ben Yehuda's international center?) and hung out with some ancient animals at the Biblical zoo. We also went to Yad Vashem.

Now, what were we eating? We had dinner at the Waffle Bar, breakfast at Tal Bagels where Dafna indulged in some risky acidic juice behavior and Rachel had yellow cheese on toast.

Then we got our holy on at the Kotel where we witnessed three b'nai mitzvahs (yes, we stood on chairs to spy), SAW THE BACK OF TZIPI LIVNI'S HEAD at the King David Hotel, also saw a famous unidentifiable basketball player at the Kotel and ate vegetarian fare at the Village Green on Jaffa St.

Best of all, we ate at Hummus Ben Sira on Ben Sira St. The hummus was eggy and oily in the best way possible. It's Rachel's favorite in Jerusalem. It even rivals the hummus Rachel ate with Susan Lippe in Abu Ghosh last week. Dafna ordered the hummus with mushrooms and Rachel had it with garbanzo beans. The pita was hot and pillowy, and the falafel balls were really crispy.

And these two photos are for our loving older sisters Ariella and Betsy:

Nightgowns on Ben Yehuda St.

A note from me to you at a bus stop on King David St.


  1. those waffles look almost as good as waffle house!

  2. Tell the truth, Dafna, did you write that on the wall yourself?

    Love, Ariella :)

  3. with a wide selection of nightgowns like that, inquiring minds want to know: which one captured your fancy?