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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Pictorial Summary of the Weekend

Since I got a new camera just for the occasion of my arrival in this beautiful place, I thought I'd give you a taste, in pictures, of what has been going on.

This was at some crazy orchid theme park:

This was how I spent most of my weekend in Nahariyya - freelance editing from morning to night.

I even dragged my camera to Nahariyya's most delicious hummusiya, whose owner was my uncle's student in third grade. It was mushroom topped and quite excellent, and afterwards Rachel and I discussed the idea that it was OK not to have the best pita with the hummus, because similar to her delicate palate, I don't appreciate too many good-tasting foods at once. Something to the tune of needing cloudy days to appreciate the sunny ones, or whatever.

Anyway, tonight Rachel and Susan Lippe (shoutout!) and I went to a delicious place in Yafo where a couple behind us was sucking face like tomorrow was the end of the world. Slobber.

What else? Pilgrimage to Jerusalem on Saturday. The end. Laila Tov.

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