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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, we're still here

Hi guys. It's me again. (I know, I know. Cue the sustained, audible sigh: Dafna writing again? Why??)

Well, I'll tell you why. Thanks to the upswing of blog-related work at Omanoot, I'm learning a bit about the ways to successfully keep a blog audience. One of those ways is posting more than once a month, as you might imagine. Rachel leads a waaaay busier life than I do, but soon she'll show her face around these parts. I promise. Until then, you can just ignore my posts or be so bored at work/school/on your iPhone while driving that you read them.

Anyhow, speaking of Omanoot, here's the new website: Generally, when a post isn't attributed specifically to someone, that's me blogging! It's pretty fun, and I'm learning a lot about computer things, art things, and even computer-art things.

Can I digress for a bit? If you don't live under a rock/in this country, you know that MARCH MADNESS is upon us. This year my beloved UConn Huskies didn't make the tournament (after going to the Final Four last year...) but I realized that's okay. Why is it okay? Because I can't seem to get any of the games here, so I couldn't watch them anyway.

That was really anti-feminist of me, because as it happens, the Women's team has been undefeated the last 73 games, ranked #1 in the country the entire season, and have won every game by double digits. Statistics like that are absurd, but boring to most people because they are girls. Which is unfortunate. Winning the tournament is sort of a sure thing, but what a crazy upset if they lose.

Okay that's it. This weekend I'm interviewing Mercedes Band and Mosh ben Ari. Mosh is probably #2 on my list of Israeli musicians, so it's safe to say that I am very excited.


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