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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mishe mishe mishe mishe..

Howdy ya'll. I've got a confession to make. I did a terrible job visually documenting Purim in the Jeru. (Was it Jeru or J-ru that I was trying to make happen? Now I'm confused. Can someone remind me?)

I also didn't wear a costume. I dressed like myself, and when people asked I said I was going as someone who didn't dress up for Purim. That seemed to satisfy the majority of inquiries. Rachel, on the other hand, was a cowgirl. Or cowlady. Cowwoman? Let's go with cowgirl. Sunday night we searched for the party and ended up at Hummus Ben Sira, quite literally one of the only places open. Nothing like a bowl of hummus and cauliflower at 1:30AM.

Monday morning we hopped on over to hear the Women of the Wall read the Megillah! Sarah Lauing, my favorite HUC student-who-is-also-Rachel's-friend-but-not-her-roommate (don't want to offend anyone here), was there too!

The cow girl/lady/woman and Minnie!

I really am beating myself up for not taking more pictures, because Monday Jeru/J-ru was teeming with people in at times elaborate, at times hilarious and at times horrifying costumes. We stopped in at Mamilla to see what was up and found a lot of kids and circus-y things. I took some great video but can't seem to quite upload it. Let's just say there was juggling, plate-spinning and tic-tac-toe. There was also a trip to the Gap, expensive but a little slice of home. There was also this:

Monday night, Rachel's friend Fievel was kind enough to host a Purim Seudah, the highlight being the British man dressed as Santa Claus offering up the following pearl of wisdom: A Hassid is someone who does not puke on the porch. As Santa opened the porch door. In the spirit of Purim, there was much drunkeness, merriment and meat.

Anyway, I leave you with one conclusion: the Mishloach Manot, in sheer variety, quality and availability, truly put to shame any ideas I had about giving gift baskets on Purim.

Some day I'll get the video to work, and you can enjoy some footage of Megillah reading/circus training. Until then, so long from Tel Aviv!

WAIT. I think I promised you all video of my brother on the Martha Show. Here it is, and it is glorious:

(I know, three blog posts in a row from me. What do we think? Should Rachel grace these pages with her presence?)

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