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Friday, March 26, 2010

Chayim Chofshim

Now that Dafna's a fancy social media editor working for the fabulous you all MUST check out-I get to tag along to some cool concerts. She interviews the artists and I get to take some pictures! Some of which even turn out okay.

Here's Mosh Ben Ari performing in an exclusive, intimate concert at the Jerusalem Theater last Saturday night. It was an amazing, amazing show. Ja is one. Dreadlocks are cool. Read Dafna's interview on the Omanoot blog, coming soon. Did you know that Mosh Ben Ari likes Lily Allen? We also saw Mercedes Band at the Yellow Submarine in Jru. Loud, sweaty, Israeli teenagers.

Last Friday we went dancing in the streets. It was a beautiful moment of unity and coexistence. All Jerusalemites joined hands, put their cultural and religious differences aside for the sake of r'kudei am in Gan HaPa'amon.

My chofesh (freedom) from Pardes is going great. Relaxing and music-filled. I went to Haifa with a couple Pardes friends this week, hung out at the lovely beach chof hacarmel, made some new, random Israeli friends and visited the Leo Baeck School to chat with Rabbi Ofek Meir, absolutely one of my favorite people. Ofek runs the progressive/reform elementary school and teaches in the high school.

Can we stop bopping around between cities? No. In Tel Aviv yesterday around Shenkin Street Dafna and I met a man who seemed to be saying that he is the Messiah. When we asked him if he is in fact Jesus, he answered, "Kind of." What?

A Marder store in Tel Aviv near Dizee Dizee Dizengoff Center

You know what else? Soccer is a big deal and apparently Jerusalemites are better at it than Tel Avivians! Beitar Jerusalem beat Maccabi Tel Aviv in the national cup a couple days ago. Exciting game to watch.

Today, back in Jru, it's raining men and water. We went to a lovely little crafts fair in Baka at the Young Judea/Hadassah Center. The artists all use recycled materials to make their jewelery, lamps and wallets. I bought a beautiful little copper necklace. Dafna's going to make the artists famous on Omanoot.

We're spending Seder with Dafna's family in Nahariyah and then we're off to the Negev for some hiking and mud hut living! Happy Passover! Careful with your matzah intake.

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  1. I love the dancing in the streets, and your yellow pants!