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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And now, for the big news you've been waiting for..

I suppose it's safe to let the cat out of the bag (which, judging by the sheer volume of stray cats in this country, seems to be a popular activity) and inform you all that I have a new internship!

Beit Hatfutsot was nice and all, but I wanted something a little more up my alleycat (they really are everywhere!!) and am now the Social Media Editor at, which is a pretty neat website devoted to Israeli culture through art. I'm still not really sure exactly what I've gotten into, but it's something to the tune of blogging, twittering and Facebooking. If you know my brother, you may find this quite coincidental. Also, check out the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow (Wednesday) to see my brother discuss all the cool tech stuff he saw at CES in Vegas. And eyes peeled for my sister in the audience. And on the subject of siblings, I dedicate this sentence to Betsy for caring about my internship.

(Edit: The Martha episode is taping Wednesday, but not sure when it's airing. Stay tuned.)

Blogging, twittering, Facebooking and meowing about what, you may ask? Music, art, movies, literature, etc. I'm pretty sure this will be a great way to get a little more exposure to arts here and dig my...claws...paws...kitten mittens...into journalistic things. I know. Cats on the brain. Sidenote, Rachel had a recent staredown with a cat climbing on the windowsill of her room. It was both terrifying and comical.

OK. Time to go be a social media editor.


  1. i got cats on the brain, but don't call me a cat brain!


  2. did you watch the andy milanokas show?? I got swiss cheese in my left pocket, hi this is andy milanokas. we love you chris myers!

  3. Hey, the show is going to air on February 24th. You'll see me when they do the segment on dogs that have been healed holistically. Or naturally. Or, whatever. P.S. The dog was lettin' 'em rip while taping. . .