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Thursday, February 18, 2010

THREE Laskins??

Dear Faithful Companions,

While Rachel and I work on our mind-blowingly fantastic Women of the Wall entry, I wanted to do my own little thang. (Remember ain ba'ad mah? ain't no thang? have you guys been paying attention?... is this thing on?)

I would be so insanely remiss if I didn't devote a post to my dear brother Eliad and sister-in-law Katie! They were just here for about a week, and went on a rampage of tourism throughout the country. It was great to hang out with some Laskins, get some presents from home and eat a lot of salads.

Boy where they excited to be here!

We went to Nazareth and the Galilee and saw many churches! Who knew Jesus did so much here? The Church of Multiplication involved no math, but there were candles and mosaics:

Then we were off to the mighty Jordan! Katie and I bottled Holy Water. Eliad's soul is apparently less clean:

I really liked this watch at the gift shop. The time, you ask? Why surely. It's Virgin o'Clock:

See those hills in the distance? Beyond them, in a little village somewhere, Leah Maloney resides. (If you're new to my life via this blog, Leah is my very good friend from home who is currently in Jordan with the Peace Corps. One day, Leah. One day. But only if you come here.)

The next day we dragged it to the Jeru, and saw many sights, including the grand ol' Kotel. The lovely couple in a photo op:

Later we had dinner at Luciana's and agreed that Israel has made great strides in the availability of good Italian food, and met up with Rachel for some ice cream. In case this post felt one-sided and you were missing her, here she is before going to Peace Players, this fun volunteer thing she does that I'm sure she'll describe in more detail eventually:

What's that? You missed me too? Okay. Here I am on the shores of the Galilee. Where Jesus walked. Take that, Kanye.

And here's the breakfast I made yesterday morning. Delicious if you're into that sort of thing.

That's all folks! Now it's back to work. Check out the Omanoot blog (, follow us on twitter (, and check out the Martha blog ( for my brother's guest post from the Holy Land!


  1. Great post! As a former Laskin, I must say that you all did/do us proud in the Holy Land.