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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hummus hits Palo Alto

Dear hummus lovers,

There’s a new hummus hot spot taking downtown Palo Alto by storm. Rachel discovered it when she was home for her sister’s beautiful wedding—at which no hummus was served, but other really delicious foods were. Oren’s Hummus Shop on University Avenue has a bright and chic ambiance. Crystal chandeliers hang from its ceilings, and a quirky chalkboard with eye-catching scribbles about the origins of hummus is displayed on a wall. The menu is pretty expansive, offering a variety of Middle Eastern foods like tabuli and baklava. Best of all, it’s open till midnight, unusual for the city that turns in around 9 p.m. Dafna ordered the hummus with beef on top and Rachel ate hummus topped with chickpeas. No, it was not the best hummus we’ve ever eaten. It was bland, weak in the spice and flavor department, particularly lacking in lemon. Just bland and kinda boring. On the upside, it was creamy, had a nice texture and it came warm—generally makes hummus taste good and easy to lap up. Rachel is also told that the meat was pretty delicious. The pita came hot and fresh, very key. All in all, it made for a filling midnight snack post-movie at the Stanford Theater, practically next door. Enjoy, Palo Altans.

Hummus with beef on top

Instructions on the wall

Back in the land of hummus, the social justice movement has packed up its tents. All summer long protesters have met regularly in the north, south and center for rallies and marches demanding affordable housing and “justice, not charity.” Now, the movement, made up mostly of students and young families, but with ultra-Orthodox and elderly supporters, is hoping to influence the Knesset’s next budget making health care, education and housing more of a priority. The movement is launching roundtable discussions across the country on these topics. The aim is inclusivity.

Here is a shot from Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv where the first tent city started over a month ago.

"All of Israel's tents for one another" (based on the teaching in Hebrew "all of Israel is responsible for one another")

Rachel also has a blossoming career as a bridesmaid. It will be tough returning to civilian life.

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