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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Small Tragedy

Shalom Shalom Hummus Lovers,

Hands down, we have discovered a gold star chick pea of a hummus restaurant. We thought we'd seen it all, sampled it all. We thought we'd found all there was to find, and we were wrong. We recently ate lunch at little place in Mahane Yehuda with our dear friend Olivia. Of course, we had to have the hummus appetizer. We weren't expecting that I said, we've tried many types now, getting a bit jaded. But we take it all back. This hummus was spiced differently. It had pickled pepper shavings on top and mixed in, the perfect amount of techina mixed in, sweet chickpeas, and a lovely hint of lemon. It was so creamy. Now, for the sad part. I can't remember the restaurant's name!

Not to worry. We're going back tomorrow (fingers crossed) with Ruthie Ellenson (she doesn't even know it yet!), and believe you me, I'll have my camera and notepad ready.

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