For the Love of Hummus

Delicious, delicious hummus.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the secret ingredient is...

Mounds and mounds of lemon juice. Hummus drenched in lemon juice. Thank you, Cafe Mizrahi! In case you read our pathetic posting yesterday, we went back to the scene of our fabulous hummus encounter, and learned the name of the restaurant, Baruch Hashem.

Today our hummus came with slices of egg on the side. Nothing better than eggy hummus. Unfortunately not everyone at our table liked egg, so we couldn't mix it in. We are confident the hummus would have reached it's highest potential had the egg been fully mixed in, but it was still tasty minimally mixed in. The pita was also soft and doughy, super fresh.

This was definitely chic, upscale hummus. Not what we can do everyday, but good for when the parents come to visit.

Aside from the hummus, we ate a delicious brunch with Ruthie, Hannah Ellenson, Ruthie's friend Deborah and Hannah's friend Ezra. Who doesn't love brunch? Check out Hannah's mouth-watering poached eggs.

It's still sakhlab season in Jerusalem. Translation, it's still cold as a Kadafi at a cocktail party. Here's a sweet, sassy and super absorbent Dafna absorbing an equally sweet and sassy cup this morning at Mahane Yehuda.

Rabbi Susan Lippe snapped this piece of graffiti genius on a recycling bin in Jerusalem. Come back, Suzie Q!

Poems by the late great Israeli poet Leah Goldberg are up in Tel Aviv, still in celebration of the city turning 100 in 2009. Here's our resident poet posing with a sign:

Before we sign off today, dear readers, we need to inform you of some exciting life changes. Dafna is taking her culinary talents to the next level and starting culinary school in NYC in April. She'll continue to blog with Rachel (who the hell is writing this??) about her search for the perfect hummus as well as all the inventive cuisine she's sure to make. Rachel will hold down the fort. Maybe replace Dafna with a life-size piece of pita?


  1. I've got to say, in defense of us non-egg hummus eaters, it was still seriously delicious without it :)

  2. Very well-written, ladies! Love you!!