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Monday, December 28, 2009

Jet Lag

Tel Aviv was beautiful today - almost 80 degrees and sunny. My parents are here for a few weeks, so my aunt and uncle came and we went to an old Germany colony near the Kirya (re: very important government building) and saw an abandoned underground winery. Why this site of all sites, you may ask? Please prepare for a minor history lesson: In the 1880s, Christian German settlers came to a few different areas in Israel, one of them being on what was then the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Eventually, during World War II (my favorite war), their descendants, who were sympathetic to Hitler, were put on the Queen Mary and sent to Australia. And who, may you ask guarded their Nazi-loving butts? None other than my grandfather, member of the British Police. The end!

For your viewing pleasure:

The place hasn't really been developed, but I'm sure when they finish construction in about two years, it will cost 70 shekel to get in.

Anyway, going to get my first golden, crispy, fiber-filled falafel of the season for dinner right now. I was going to leave you with a beautiful image of Rachel, eating a most delicious baked potato at Newark, but I had to close the window and the internet connection sort of slowed. Oh well. Lehit!


  1. Fiber-filled falafel. . .mmmmm.....

  2. this blog is the best thing thats ever happened to me. wish i had some falafel!