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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leave the gun. Take the hummus.

Whoooooooooooaaaa, doggy.

Dafna is starting to wonder if the lengthy and inexcusable absences from blogging stem from a deeply subconscious desire to turn every post into a roundup.

First of all, it's February. A lot has happened since November in our lives, and maybe in yours too. Maybe you got a new haircut, saw Elvis at the gas station, or donated a kidney to science. Maybe you walked naked into a Wal-Mart and stole a pair of socks. We just don't know what you, our faithful readers, are capable of. The sky's the limit!

For our part, we've seen a few concerts, eaten some hummus and finished the first semester. Dafna moved to a fantastic apartment off Dizengoff Street, very close to important things like the beach, and a branch of Tony Vespa Pizza that's open until three in the morning. Her friendly and physically-fit roommate is from Agoura Hills, aka where some of Rachel's family lives, aka you're welcome for that full circle.

Concerts: First of all, we saw Shtar. Yes, the one and only Shtar, Haredi Judaism's answer They were great. Then we saw the Greilsammers, who were celebrating the release of their new album, which is probably the best thing ever. Michael got a little crazy with the violin at times, but we forgive him. It's hard not to be excited when you're that awesome. Then we saw Tomer Yosef! And now this song is on repeat for the rest of our lives: עברתי רק כדי לראות.

Hummus: We went nuts at Caful, which is at the beginning of Nahalat Binyamin. They have this great, deconstructed Sabich hummus. Rachel was beside herself:

Also, there have been more endeavors in the masabchah category, and Dafna has found that there exists some vast conspiracy in which each and every hummus place pronounces the word masabchah differently, and each and every time it is NOT the way she pronounces it when ordering.

The first semester: Rachel is officially just one semester away from being Israel's top conflict resolver, and Dafna is one children's pop-up book away from finally understanding when exactly the Assyrians invaded Judah. The Second Millenium BCE question was thankfully solved when her class just stopped talking about it.

That's all for now, folks. Our fearless hummus aficionados are currently both in the U.S., enjoying the simple cuisine of their homeland, whether it be a fresh, delightful California fish taco, a slice of New Haven pizza, or this Thanksgiving dinner that Dafna forced her family to stage in violation of the Pocahontas Act of 1932, which states that all Thanksgiving-related foodstuffs, parades, giant balloons and alumni football games must be relegated to the month of November. Please don't tell the IRS. We didn't even have a whole turkey.

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  1. I have eaten the deconstructed sabich at caful! And it is damn tasty!