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Friday, June 17, 2011

Stop the Presses!

Okay, wait. A few things.

1. So as it turns out, Dafna had it all wrong at the Hummus Place. Yes, the West Village branch (or sneef, in Hebrew!) was good, but then she went to the Upper West Side sneef with her mom, and wow was that one so much better.

Here's the "eggplant sandwich," or sabich:

It was pretty great. Pickles, egg, techina, lots of fried eggplant. No potato but that was okay.

It was so okay, in fact, that Dafna went back the next day with Marlowe, friend from Israel and current resident of Merced, visiting the East Coast for a bit. She had the hummus-techina with falafel on the side. Dafna loved the falafel, Marlowe was not the biggest fan. Even though she looks pretty pleased here:

Why else do we care about Marlowe? Because her brother owns the Maoz Vegetarian branch in Berkeley, and vouches for its tastiness. So that's a pretty great little circle, and Dafna thought a nice way to include Rachel's Bay Area entourage of family and well wishers.

Okay, that's it. Just a short one this time. Nothing too crazy. Move it along!

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