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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shake shake shake. shake shake shake. shake your lulav.

Rather than revisiting every awesome thing we've done (like going to the Jerusalem Beer Festival, visiting the Israel Museum, or walking in the middle of the streets during Yom Kippur--the coolest thing ever) I think I'll give a preview of what's to come/is already happening:

It's Succot, festival of sitting, eating and overheating in booths. Rachel is on a hafsaka (break) from school since finishing ulpan (kol hakavod!) and Dafna is welcoming the opportunity to flee from Jerusalem for a few days. We're heading to TA today and Nahariyah tonight--city for fun lovers--northern hiking on Friday and Rosh HaNikrah on Saturday.

It's extremely hot. It's giving me fever. POP. Um, what else? We've become culinary experts in one particular field - paerve, oily desserts. Chiefly, APPLE CAKE. Not just any old apple cake. Smitten Kitchen's apple cake. This cake is like crack, but better because it's much cheaper and no less addictive. And because we won't get stopped at the border for having it in our possession. It is just so, so so delicious. We're told it's the greatest dessert since a Hershey's bar... (?). (We're trying to think of a dessert that is both famous and not really that awesome but we're having a hard time.)

Rachel is making so many Israeli friends--do ulpan teachers count? Dafna is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little baby girl. She's going back to CT in Oct in order to welcome her.

Anyway, that's all from Uziya 15. To the sheirut!

Outside of the Louvre

The Louvre

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