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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hummus Said makes us hummus happy

We have to devote a small post to the hummus that is Hummus Said of Akko's Old City. We journeyed on a train for two hours just to taste it. Devastating news: It closes at 3. We arrived a few minutes after the hour. We begged and pleaded and they wouldn't let us in. Then a hummus miracle occurred. A young Israeli woman leaving the restaurant handed us her untouched take-out hummus. She refused our money. She could see how desperate we were for hummus. Dafna and I haven't had any hummus in weeks in preparation for the day. Enough "Said."

The restaurant manager handed us a few pieces of pita and we were all set. We sat by the water (p.s. Akko is a port city in the north) and really enjoyed our meal. The hummus was thick and oily. It had lots of chick peas mixed in. Had we been able to go into Hummus Said, we could have tried their other kinds of hummus: They have hummus with garlic, eggplant, eggs, peppers and many other varieties. We'll go back sometime.

After lunch we took a little boat ride around the water, visited a beautiful old mosque called Al-Jazzar and got a little freaked out when a man kicked his puppy in the shuk.

Al-Jazzar was a very cruel 18th century leader of Akko who used to have parents kill their own children just to display their loyalty to him. People were really said when he died, but they kept his mosque anyway. Dafna and I had somewhat of an emotional religious experience there. It was odd and surprising.

After Akko we took a sheirut to Nahariyya to spend the first couple days of Pesach with Dafna's family. The food and family were amazing. Nahariyya is a beautiful northern town right on the beach.

Journeying down south, we went to a couple museums in Tel Aviv FOR FREE yesterday. Thanks to Bank HaPoalim, during Chol HaMoed lots of museums are free to the public. We went to the Tel Aviv Art Museum and Beit Hatfutsot (Diaspora Museum), Dafna's old stomping grounds. We saw some awesome new exhibits. One particularly cool one at Beit Hatfutsot was of a digital, surround sound t'fillah experience. We loved the Degas sculptures on display at the art museum.

To top off that day, Dafna made some fabulous apple matzah kugel.

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